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Jamones Pastor el mejor Jamón de Teruel

Why in Pastor we elaborate the best Ham of Teruel?

Our Pastor DOP Teruel Ham is an authentic delicacy for the palate. The natural production process and the meticulous care we put into our hams and pigs make it a very special product. Anyway, we will explain the main differences between our DOP Teruel Ham and the rest of Teruel Hams.


Natural feeding process

Starting from the feed, our pigs are bred with a feed based on 100% Teruel cereal, the specifications of the DOP Regulatory Board Teruel demands a diet based on a minimum of 50% of cereal. From here, our animals need a breeding time of around 9 months, the same time as an Iberian “cebo”, to get a good infiltration in fat and have marbling fat that melts in the mouth. Most of the rest of Teruel pigs have a breeding period of around 5 months, if we talk about the pigs destined for Serrano ham does not even reach that figure, and for the Iberian acorn fed pig would be around 14 months.


Diferencia entre Jamón Teruel Jamón Teruel medio y Jamón Serrano

Craft processing

Following the method of salting, our ham is 100% natural, salted exclusively with sea salt from Mediterranean salines, while the rest of manufacturers use sea salt along with a cocktail of nitrifiers, sugars, etc. This makes our ham is loaded with oleic acids, natural vitamins, omega 3 and thus, one of the five hams in the world made exclusively with sea salt; More than 99% of hams on the market contain these “non-beneficial” substances for health.

Continuing through the process of ageing, both in the dryer sheets and in our cave, our Hams from Teruel need a minimum of 24 months of ageing for our ham experts to consider them at their recommended point for the most demanding palates, however, our reserve ham has a minimum of 28 months, and the great reserve ham has up to a maximum of 36 months of healing. The minimum required by the specifications of the Ham Regulating Council of Teruel would be 14 months, and for a Serrano ham would be 7 months. In our family, we trust in the slow rhythm of the processes, in the special climate that we have in Rubielos de Mora at 929m altitude, and in our natural stone caves to get a product with a tender and juicy texture, a low salt content and totally natural, that is precisely what we dedicate ourselves to in Jamones Pastor, to make a Teruel Ham of the highest quality.

Below we detail the main differences between our Ham Teruel, a Ham of Teruel, and a Serrano Ham.



Diferencia entre Jamón Teruel Jamón Teruel medio y Jamón Serrano