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7 razones para consumir alimentos ecológicos

7 reasons to eat ecological food in 2019

The natural or organic products have gone from being considered as a gourmetproduct, high-priced and exclusive to specialized stores, to be increasingly common in the shopping cart. Our DOP Teruel ham is one of the three hams in Spain made in a 100% natural way, free of dyes, preservatives, additives, nitrifiers and sugars, a product that can be found in specialized stores and soon in large surfaces; also those who visit Rubielos de Mora can find us and enjoy a good plate of DOP Teruel Ham cut with knife in our delicatessen store / restaurant.

7 razones para consumir alimentos ecológicos

Organic foods are those 100% natural that are obtained without using chemicals in all stages, from growth, production, to distribution. In this way the organic processes are in harmony with nature and with the person, providing a lot of benefits.

Here are 7 reasons why to consume this kind of natural and ecological products:



1. For health.

As is the case of our Teruel Ham, the rest of the organic products do not use preservatives, dyes, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or antibiotics. These prevent diseases and pests and in turn makes the process of “growth” of an animal or plant much faster and safer in economic terms; the problem is that they usually leave toxic remains harmful to human health.

In contrast, natural products have no negative impact on our metabolism, have a higher percentage of nutrients, as well as oleic acids, vitamins, minerals, as well as a higher quality of proteins in the case of meat or our DOP. Teruel ham, simply for the fact that they are not adulterated with any chemical.



2. For its benefits.

There are seasonal products and those that do not understand seasons like our DOP Teruel Ham, our preserved food from Teruel, made with tenderloin, rib, sausage and extra virgin olive oil from Bajo Aragón, or our 100% natural Chorizo with paprika DOP de la Vera that we will soon make available to our customers; all of them have in common that they are made free of chemical additives and as we have said before, they are richer in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.


Los alimentos ecológicos cuidan de la ganadería

3. Because they care for livestock.

Animals raised in freedom with natural foods enjoy better health. The animals live in better conditions and have greater freedom, which is reflected in the result or final product. In the case of our DOP Teruel natural ham, which we have compared with other manufacturers in our province, it has a higher degree of oleic acid, with levels of around 52%, as well as a higher percentage of proteins. , being able to compare with the levels offered by the best Acorn Iberian hams such as “Cinco Jotas” or “Joselito”.



4. For its high level of quality.

From the raw material, to the final product in the case of our DOP Teruel ham, the official control bodies guarantee that all processes comply with quality standards, more numerous and demanding than in other food products. In this way, they allow us to know that natural and/or ecological products are 100% reliable when placing them in our shopping cart. Note that the processes themselves, mostly handcrafted, allow to maintain the purity of all the ingredients, which is evident in their flavor as well as in their digestion.



5. For being respectful with the environment.

Achieving sustainable consumption and caring for the planet are two of the main objectives of these products, as well as helping to repopulate rural areas. Within its production processes, especially in the growth phase, they always seek to reduce water and air pollution, avoiding risks to human health and being a clear example of commitment to the future of our planet. We will especially name organic farming, which fertilizes the land and slows desertification, favoring the retention of water without contaminating the aquifers and promoting biodiversity.



6. Because they are not transgenic.

Transgenic foods are not accepted in organic farming standards.



7. Because its label is for real.

In our case, our range of natural and/or organic products is: DOP Teruel ham, DOP. Teruel shoulder, Ambarino ham, Ambarino shoulder, cured bacon, cured dewlap, preserved food from Teruel, sausages, and all our range of fresh sausages (blood sausages, longaniza, güeñas, etc).