Five generations within the family PASTOR, drawing from over a century of experience, have dedicate themselves with rigour and passion to producing select hams and cured meats.

Juan José Pastor never skimps on any aspect of his ham, preserving the quality and the slow pace of the processes, ensuring a natural, homemade and authentic production. He does not allow anything that could render the product mediocre, or fool his customers, in order to get products reaching gastronomic excellence.

The craftsmanship of our processes and a creative spirit result in a desire for constant innovation to surprise the lovers of good food.

At PASTOR, to ensure the highest quality of our hams and cured meats, we control the entire production process: from the natural feeding of our Duroc pigs with wheat and barley flour, to our own slaughterhouse for further processing and delivery of final products. However, the first consumer of these products is our family, and we proudly offer these same delicacies to those customers who trust us.

5 Generations.
Home of the authentic DOP. Teruel ham.