100% Natural Curing Process


One of the secrets of PASTOR cured ham is this manual process, piece by piece, assuring the stabilisation of enzymes and the conservation of each ham.

PASTOR produces cured ham and shoulders low in salt(0.2g per 100g), both glucose-free and lactose-free, suitable and recommended for all palates.


Carried out in our natural drying sheds in Rubielos de Mora, at 929m altitude, the salt slowly penetrates throughout the meat, driving out moisture.

During the spring and summer, the hams are left in our natural drying sheds for the “sweating” process, when the fat melts and penetrat es the lean.

As you can see, at PASTOR we dry the cured ham with all its rind, without practicing the “V” cut. Thus we keep the slow pace of the process and the rind protects the marbling so it can keep its pink colour when tasting, with no need of any preservatives or colouring.

100% Natural Curing Process

100% Natural Curing Process


After the summer, the hams are placed in natural underground cellars and allowed to age. The hams are kept there for several years, until they truly take on their complex, rich flavour and obtain the optimal organoleptic properties.


This is the last stage. Since the ham was salted, more than 24 months for the smaller pieces, and more than 30 for the largest, have passed.

The expert ham artisans and master carvers (maestro jamonero) subject each ham to arigorous selection process, in which the taste, smell, sight and texture is carefully assessed by introducing a small, thin device, made from bone, into several places along the ham.

Once this stage is completed, all that is left is to enjoy the PASTOR cured ham.

100% Natural Curing Process