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Embutidos sin gluten - Pastor

Cured meats without gluten. Pastor is gluten free.

What is gluten? Gluten is a set of small proteins found in the flour of cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, rye and any of its varieties. People intolerant and allergic to gluten know well enough the unpleasant consequences of eating it.


Progress is being made in this area, but still people who suffer from celiac disease are still asking the same questions when they are filling the shopping cart. Does DOP. Teruel Ham have gluten? Well no, any DOP. Teruel ham contains gluten as well as any cured ham, neither the extra quality cooked ham. Do sausages contain gluten? Well yes, they may contain it. The gluten is around us, it is responsible for the bread has an elastic and spongy consistency as well as a thickener used in the meat industry. This thickener can be contained by Aragon sausages, sausages, sausages, loins and other pork products … but not in any Pastor product.


Nobody panic! Our Teruel Hams as well as our DOP Teruel shoulders and sausages are 100% natural, they have no dyes, preservatives, lactose, sugars, etc. Our DOP. Teruel hams are gluten free! Teruel ham and Teruel’s shoulders do not contain it by its very nature; the rest of products such as preserved food from Teruel, cured bacon and jowls, loin or our entire range of sausages do not incorporate it in any of the cases that occur during the manufacturing process, not by cross contamination . There are all kinds of alternatives to replace gluten in the meat industry such as rice flour or corn, use sugar to enhance and / or mask the taste, etc.


Embutidos sin gluten - Pastor


In Pastor everything is totally natural, just as our ancestors had been doing since the end of the 19th century until today, where the fifth generation of PASTOR continues to make 100% Natural Teruel Ham, as well as Teruel shoulder and natural sausages. Our products are a source of gluten-free flavor and nutrients. All our options are a delicious option for celiac people, as well as for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A good gluten-free Rubielos de Mora bread with some tasty slices of natural chorizo? Well, it is a good way to prepare and enjoy a healthy and tasty sandwich.


Gluten is something that affects more than 400,000 Spaniards, and that every year increases by 15% according to the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE). Do not hesitate, with Pastor you can be calm. Without colorants. Without additives. Without gluten. Without nitrifiers. Without sugars. Without preservatives. Natural and delicious even in Spanish, PASTOR esta libre de gluten.