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Chorizo artesano Pastor

Artisanal sausage, our best supporting actor.

Nowadays, chorizo is possibly the best-known charcuterie after ham. In many occasions outside of our borders it is much easier to find than the ham itself. Chorizo has been trendy for years in the most international cuisine, several restaurants with Michelin stars spend our handmade and 100% natural chorizo from Teruel. However, many people think that here in Spain we cook everything with chorizo; as the summit of this statement, the famous British chef Jamie Oliver cooked a controversial paella with chorizo, which is still normal there …

Our chorizo from Teruel is a very tasty and aromatic product, balanced and with a powerful palate; the chopped is thick and its texture very tender.


How do we make our natural Chorizo?

Salchichón PastorThe Chorizo Pastor is made by hand and is 100% natural, without preservatives or chemical additives. It is a product made with the most juicy pieces of our pigs from Teruel, seasoned with sea salt, paprika and garlic, all mixed and stuffed. Then the drying process takes place in our natural dryer in Rubielos de Mora.

The cut view of our artisan Chorizo stands out its red and brilliant color.


Differences between saucisson and chorizo.

It’s about tastes, some are from Madrid and others from Barça, some from wine and others from beer, you may like both but you always have a favorite. In this case the main difference is that for the chorizo we use paprika and garlic, and for the saucisson we use black pepper.