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Los beneficios de comer jamón natural

The benefits we get eating natural ham

The benefits on our Cured Ham (DOP. Teruel) on health have been scientifically tested by university studies at the University of Zaragoza. The diet of our Duroc pigs (75%) based on Teruel cereals, provides a series of vitamins and nutrients that make the Pastor Ham the best ally for our organism.

The whole process is 100% natural, the breeding and feeding of the pigs and the subsequent elaboration of our Teruel Cured Ham with Protected Denomination of Origin are governed by a meticulous traditional process, free of chemical or artificial substances, to guarantee the highest quality in our Teruel Cured Ham, reserve and great reserve.

In this way and step by step, more and more experts recommend a healthy diet free of chemical additives. A study by the Naturopathic Medicine College of Tempe (USA.) specifies that organic products, those that they have not been treated with chemical products, they contain a greater contribution of vitamins and minerals than those that have been treated with artificial substances and generate a greater antioxidant activity in our body.


The cured ham in a healthy diet

In Pastor we elaborate one of the five hams in the world free of colorants and chemical additives, as well as sugars, thus being a 100% natural ham that intactly preserves all its nutritional properties. A high content of oleic acid of more than 52%, vitamins, omega 3 acid, are conferred to the Pastor Ham due to its good work in the elaboration process; all of them reinforce our immune system, help reduce cholesterol and provide antioxidant properties, allowing or helping rather to slow the aging of our bodies.

In Pastor we completely control the production process, we have been producing our hams for 5 generations in a completely natural way and we will continue doing so. In the elaboration of our Teruel Ham, each piece will have a minimum cure of 24 months in a healing process consisting of 4 stages: salting, post salting, drying, and resting in the cave. However, the first consumer of our products is our own family, because we like to offer people who trust us the same thing that we make for our house.