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Pastor, producto gourmet artesanal y 100% natural.

Pastor cured meats, a traditionally crafted gourmet product and 100% natural.

Nowadays it is common to find news about gourmet products whose illustration is neither more nor less than a photo of a ham, as well as to find in a delicatessen fair with live cooking exhibitions or even a contest of ham cutters. But then, what happens with the rest of Teruel’s pork products, are they also gourmet? Can they be considered as handmade a gourmet product?


Gourmet comes from French, which will not surprise anyone since French cuisine can be considered as one of the most influential in world cuisine. The gourmet term derives from “gout” (taste in french language) and can define foods, drinks, a dish or even a person with good taste who knows how to appreciate good food. It will always be the quality of the ingredients of a dish or product, and not the price of it, which will define it as gourmet.


It is gone the era where delicatessen products only reached the pantry of our houses at Christmas. Now we can find these products in many specialized stores, a multitude of deli as well as in some large supermarkets. In the same way that the human being arouses interest in the gastronomy of other places, the interest in gourmet products to give us that much deserved whim also increases.


The Pastor family, the union between gourmet and artisan

A large majority of artisanal products can also be considered gourmet products. In the Pastor family, the terms gourmet and artisan go together for five generations. Aragon sausage, sausage, chorizo, loin … all the chacinas are carefully made in “Jamones Pastor” following the techniques and artisanal methods provided by our ancestors dedicated to the trade with a blind confidence in the product (main feature in the artisans ), elaborating 100% natural Teruel ham, as well as other delicacies from Teruel pork.


The link created in the Pastor family composed of tradition and heritage is what allows us to make DOP. Teruel ham of the highest quality, ham that can be considered the best in the world of “white” hams. However, our hams and sausages do not carry any type of additive or preservative, nor added sugar, something that differentiates “Jamones Pastor”.