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How to keep and serve Teruel ham cut by hand.

100% products from Aragon, 100% natural.

The Teruel ham is one of the best exponents of the Spanish gastronomy and of course, of the gastronomy from Aragon. The supreme quality from Aragon has made the DOP. Teruel ham a very special product that has contributed to turning the process of cutting ham by knife into an authentic art and know-how. All Pastor products have been cut by delicate and expert hands of a Master “Cortador” in Rubielos de Mora.



Keys to preserve and consume Teruel Ham and enjoy until the last slice.

Pastor’s hand-cut ham, which as you know, is 100% natural free of additives and sugars, is one of the best products of our gastronomy. It presents in each slice an intense and juicy taste in mouth that we can enjoy every day in our homes.

It is important to know how to preserve and serve this gastronomic delicacy to ensure that the properties of the product remain intact in order to enjoy the flavor and texture of Teruel Ham as we have just cut it. The storage temperature is a very important factor to be able to taste the DOP. Teruel ham in perfect conditions. We will recommend to preserve the ham envelope in the refrigerator for proper preservation. In the same way, the temperature of consumption is as important aswell to be able to appreciate all the nuances that Teruel ham has, being around 24 degrees. To do this we must temper the natural ham by removing it one hour before the refrigerator. If we don’t have time, the best trick is to place the envelope of Teruel ham in a bowl with hot water for approximately 40 seconds. This will help the slices of natural ham to acquire the necessary temperature to accentuate the smell of the product, as well as the smoothness of its texture.



Where can we buy ham cut by hand online?

On “Jamones Pastor” website ( we offer a wide variety of ways to buy Teruel ham online. We have the option to buy a DOP Teruel ham leg or DOP. Teruel shoulder cut by knife and packaged in envelopes. We are the only website selling online ham that performs the knife cutting service once the order is placed, so the ham arrives at your home fresh and freshly cut instead of ham envelopes previously stored. We also have the option of slicing by machine and packaging whether they are whole hams and shoulders, or half hams. Finally our 100g envelopes of natural ham, perfect for a present.

However, if you decide to visit the beautiful village of Rubielos de Mora (Teruel), which is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, we will be happy to welcome you with the best Teruel ham.