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Diferencia entre jamón de Teruel y paleta de Teruel

Differences between a DOP. Teruel Ham and a DOP. Teruel Shoulder

Today we will speak about a subject that may seem simple at first glance but has more vicissitudes than it seems. When we decide to buy a ham or a shoulder, we must take into account the differences that exist between both products such as weight, taste, price, etc. The ham of Teruel and the shoulder of Teruel come from the legs of our Duroc pigs, they follow the same method of natural elaboration (only with sea salt) and the artisanal process but as you will see below are two totally different products.


Origin and weight.

The DOP. Teruel ham comes from the hind legs of our pigs (Duroc rage) and usually has an approximate weight (already cured) of between 7.5 and 10 Kg. We will say that approximately 65% of its weight is used, since the rest is the bark and bone of it. Its shape is elongated with a stylized termination on the part of the cane and hoof. It is wider in general terms, we are going to get wider slices than in the shoulder. The average height of our hams is around 85-95 cm.
We take the DOP. Teruel Shoulder from the front leg of the pig; its approximate weight is between 4.5 and 6 Kg and we will say that 50% of its weight is used, since the rest would be as we already commented, bark and bone. Its shape is more rounded than the ham and narrower, with which the slices we obtain will be finer. The average height of our pallets is 65 – 80 cm.


The taste.

Not everyone can differentiate both products just trying them (without first see what part it comes from), but the reality is that there are subtle differences between both products.
The experts will say that the flavor of DOP. Teruel ham is softer and more unctuous, it melts really well in mouth. DOP. Teruel Shoulder has a more intense and powerful flavor, due in part to that takes a point more salt than our ham (Ham: 0.2g per 100g – Shoulder: 0.3g per 100g).
As you can see they are subtle nuances but they distinguish both products; we must also bear in mind that cutting with a knife will be easier in DOP. Teruel ham and we will obtain wider and regular slices. Also inform that the DOP. Teruel shoulder (and all them) have more fat than ham.



The drying process also depends on how dry or rainy is the season, but as a general rule in Jamones Pastor our DOP. Teruel hams are cured over 24 months (32 months for the great reserve hams); DOP. Teruel shoulders are cured over 20 months. This is due exclusively to the weight between one leg and another.




The price of a DOP. Teruel ham will always be higher than a DOP. Teruel Shoulder one. This is due primarily to its greater weight, its longer processing time, and its higher content of lean meat than the shoulder.

You can check the prices of our DOP Teruel Hams and shoulders in our online store.