Pastor Chorizo


Weight: 600g
100% Natural & Artisanal



Made with the noble parts of the DOP Teruel Pork, along with loin meat, thus obtaining an extremely creamy and juicy Pastor Chorizo.

When cut it is characterised by a thickminse and an intense orange-red, fruit of the paprika from la Vera which gives it a soft smoky flavour that makes it a very distinctive product.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Curing process

3 months.

Cased in

Natural intestines.


D.O. Teruel pork meat, D.O. Teruel pork loin, paprika, natural spices and sea salt.

Nutrition information (value per 100g of product)

Energy: 382 Kcal/1596 KJ.

Proteins: 24.5 g.

Carbohydrates: <0.5

Total fats 30g, of which:
Saturated: 9g.
Monounsaturated: 18g.
Polyunsaturated: 3g.

Fibre: 0g.

Sodium: 0.4g.