Sow Ham

100% Natural and Artisanal

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Recognizable by its elongated shape, made by the corresponding natural and artisanal salting and curing processes. Bright red colour with great presence of white streaks in his juicy texture.

In the tasting, an intense aroma is appreciated, melting on the palate with a mild flavour obtained by a balance between low salinity and a careful curing process attached to a soft and pleasant taste offered by this gastronomic piece.

Additional information

Additional information

Curing process

24 to 36 months.


D.O. Teruel Ham and salt.

Nutrition information (value per 100g of product)

Energy: 335 Kcal/1392 KJ.

Proteins: 28.77 g.

Carbohydrates: <0.5

Total fats 24g of which:
Saturated: 9.83g.
Monounsaturated: 11.91g.
Polyunsaturated: 2.26g.

Fibre: 0.8g.

Sodium: 0.2g.